DBSEC firstly proposed and practiced the data security governance concept in China
Discover the risks data assets are facing, ensure the security of important data asset, and meet the law and regulation requirements in various countries.
Data Security Products
Discover the risks data assets are facing by related products, ensure the security of core asset, and meet the law and regulation requirements of data security.
  • Database Encryption System (DES)
    DES is widely used in the mature database encryption systems, such as operations and central ministries and commissions. It is completely transparent to applications, which makes application change unnecessary.
  • Database Operations Management System (DOMS)
    DOMS manages database operations in real time, provides thorough approval and control methods, prevents the misoperation and malicious operations in operation and maintenance process efficiently.
  • Database Protection System (DPS)
    DPS prevents database vulnerability utilization by virtual patch, prevents injection by SQL statement accurate analysis. DPS is with high availability, and will be more safe if deployed in dual disaster recovery mode.
  • Database Audit System (DAS)
    DAS displays the audit result in business language, audits accurately without any loss, achieves four-layer application association, and meets the requirements of China’s Classified Cybersecurity Protection law.
  • Dynamic Data Masking System (DMS-D)
    DMS-D masks data dynamically with high reliability. It performs sensitive data masking in database protocol layer in real time based on user roles and rules.
  • Static Data Masking System (DMS-S)
    DMS-S has a thorough masking mechanism, and manages sensitive data comprehensively. It is used widely in various industries, and is highly praised from vast financial organizations.
  • Data Asset Carding System (DACS)
    DACS achieves data grading and classification. It cards the amount of data asset, clarifies the distribution of sensitive data, and makes clear which application are accessing to the sensitive data, and who is in charging.
  • Data Watermarking System (DWS)
    DWS clarifies the data affiliation, protects data copyright, achieves marked data distribution, and ensures data breaches are traceability.
  • DBScan(DBS)
    DBS is widely used in database vulnerability detection in national level assessment institutions, state-owned enterprises and large institutions.
  • Database Security Assessment System (DSAS)
    DSAS is a comprehensive data security product, that can assists customers in assets locating, sensitive data usage.Widely used in government, education, medical, financial and other industries.
Data Security Governance Services
DBSEC cards the data asset status inside of organizations, and cards laws and regulations that need to be meet according to their business range, to helps organizations establish the internal data security management regulations. It discovers the risk database is facing by means of security detection, percolation test, etc., and finally achieve the safety use of organization’s core data assets through a series of related data security protection technologies.
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Data Security Solutions
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